Bowed Walls

When walls bow or buckle, everything appears to be a little bit off. Between concrete blocks, stair-like cracks may begin forming. Pipes might appear to pull away from the wall. Bowing walls are most commonly caused from hydrostatic pressure that occurs directly next to or against the foundation wall. Expansive clay soils absorb excess moisture and press up against the foundation wall. The pressure slowly forces basement walls to bend and the results aren’t pretty. Fortunately, the fix is simple.

Here are some indicators of walls that need reinforcement:

  • Pipes pulling away
 – Pipes pulling away from walls is one of several tell-tale signs that hydrostatic press against ure is building  the foundation.
Horizontal cracks form – Horizontal cracks may be apparent partway between floor and ceiling in foundation walls. This is a telltale sign of a bowing wall, as the middle of the wall will often receive the brunt of the pressure from under the ground.
  • Brick overhanging foundation wall – Sometimes when a wall is bowed, the brick above (which should be flush) will appear to overhang past the foundation wall. This is typically a sign that would be visible from the outside.
  • Misaligned blocks – Are you beginning to see gaps or unevenness in your foundation wall? If the gaps were between your teeth, we’d be happy to recommend a good orthodontist, but if your wall’s concrete blocks are shifting over time, there’s a chance your walls may be absorbing too much pressure from the soil and need to be reinforced.
  • Diagonal cracks in corners – When a wall bows, it often will show stress through cracks that are diagonal. These typically show about three feet from each corner, angled from top to bottom.
  • Inward bowing of foundation wall – While it may go without saying, if you see the foundation wall bowing inward, you would be well advised to seek professional help. Left undiagnosed, the future repairs may cost more than the immediate ones.

Bowing walls, can be fixed. Stealth Foundation offers a proven, patented solution known as the Inforcer™, which transfers the pressure from the walls to the floor joist, footer and foundation beneath, ultimately straightening and realigning your walls permanently. If you see any of the above symptoms, be sure to talk to a qualified professional.

Stealth Foundation offers a no-commitment, free inspection. Our family-run business has served Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky for over thirty years and we guarantee our work with a lifetime, transferrable warranty so your investment is safe. Give us a call today to claim your free consultation.