Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space. The words don’t roll off the tongue like “man cave” or “kitchenette”. Maybe that’s why this part of the home is so often overlooked. However, the crawl space can provide much needed additional storage, freeing up other rooms in your house for better use. Not an uncommon problem, moisture buildup can make this area unusable, posing a major inconvenience and nuisance to homeowners. But how do you get the space back once water has taken up residence? Never fear, dear reader. Stealth Foundation is here.

Here are the four major steps to treat a crawl space:

1. Seal the Area

Securing vents and doors in your crawlspace is typically priority one. Humidity and moisture are entering where they shouldn’t. Blocking off these key entrances will allow you to control the climate in your crawlspace more easily and ensure no more humidity enters from the outside.

2. Deal with the Water

A common problem in crawl spaces, standing water probably wasn’t the first thing you intended to store below the main floor. Fortunately, it can be evacuated through a sump pump or similar system so you can put other things downstairs – things you don’t want sopping wet. While the leftover water could point to a plumbing problem, it is also a potential sign of a systemic problem with excess moisture that needs treatment.

3. Encapsulation

Encapsulation typically entails applying plastic sheeting along all the walls and doors in your crawl space. This vapor barrier will ensure that water vapor stays inside, but also that the area is ready for the next step – conditioning the air in your crawl space.

4. Treat the Air

Some install an exhaust system to pump saturated air outdoors or run air from elsewhere in the house to the crawl space. At the Stealth Foundation, we typically recommend installing a dehumidifier to condition the existing air. This balances out the humidity level so that unnecessary humidity is removed. And there you have it. Your storage space is back to normal.

If your crawl space is showing signs of water damage, you came to the right place. For the past thirty years, our family-run business has helped hundreds of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents regain the use of their crawl space or basement. What’s more, we offer a fully transferable warranty and a risk-free, no-obligation quote on every project. Give us a call today.