Exterior Basement Waterproofing

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of basement waterproofing? Probably exterior waterproofing. While technically, the building materials may be competent to withstand the weather, not all homes are designed in such a way that they block water intrusion and some older methods of drainage have been shown to be ineffective, even making the problem worse.

Traditional Exterior Basement Waterproofing

In exterior basement waterproofing, typically a ditch is dug next to the wall and perforated pipe is inserted with some gravel for drainage. The pipe often leads to lower ground where it can drain or travels to a sump pump indoors. However, this system has been around for decades and is slowly being replaced by newer methods and materials. Stealth Foundation offers an inexpensive solution with contemporary methods and consistent results.

Our Proven Exterior Basement Waterproofing Method

Our exterior basement waterproofing toolkit contains drainage board, four-inch perforated pipe, waterproofing membrane and gravel. Like traditional pipe-and-gravel systems, water freely flows through the plastic pipe away from the home with the 1" washed gravel allowing space for excess water. A thin membrane protects the pipe from silt or mud buildup. The dimple drainage board and rubberized membrane sit squarely against the foundation wall, an added measure to protect the basement from potential seepage. These additional precautions are part of the reason Stealth Foundation can offer a lifetime, fully transferable warranty on every project it executes.

To benefit from our exterior basement waterproofing expertise, call for a no-commitment, free quote. For every job we complete, we offer a lifetime, transferable warranty that boosts the value of the house for future resale. Residents of Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky now have a partner in basement waterproofing: Stealth Foundation.