Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Bowing or buckling walls, tilting chimneys, cracks in the foundation walls – these are just a few issues our clients see in their homes when they reach out to us for help. They all point to structural problems in your home, ones that you shouldn’t put off fixing. You might recognize some of the most common side effects below. Be sure to reach out if so.

Bowed Wall

When hydrostatic pressure causes walls to bow, everything can seem a little out of place. Diagonal cracks may appear in corners of the wall. Pipes start to pull away as well. Horizontal cracks midway up the wall and misaligned blocks may also be clues to bowing walls. Given enough time, bowing walls will make themselves apparent.

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Sinking Foundation

Foundations can settle over time, and not always the way the builder intended. As soils expand and contract, sometimes uneven soil can give way under part of your home, leading to all kinds of structural issues.

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The hundreds of thousands you have invested in your home rest squarely on one thing – your foundation. Foundation issues are chronic if left untreated. The longer you wait, the worse they get. Don’t risk your investment. Call us today for a free inspection if you see symptoms of structural problems and need a professional opinion.