Foundation Settlement

The foundation is central to your home. Every investment you have made in your residence rests squarely on this single concrete footing. However, a prolonged drought or unusual amount of hydrostatic pressure below can threaten this investment, as changing soil conditions cause your foundation sink and bring structural stress on the rest of your home.

Foundation settlement is a problem homeowners can’t ignore for long. The structural implications are too drastic to put off making this fix. Here are just a few of the issues homeowners may see as a sign that their home’s foundation is beginning to settle:

  • Outside the house, step-like cracks appear in the brick – Alternating cracks between adjacent bricks appear in a diagonal pattern along the wall. Indoor walls may show diagonal cracks and vertical cracks as well.
  • Gaps between brick and doors / siding show – Brick or other outer wall elements may separate from doors and siding, showing that there is stress on the structure of the building.
  • The chimney is cracked or leaning – An otherwise plumb chimney that begins to lean or crack is a good indicator that your foundation is crying for your help.
  • The basement has standing water – Not exclusively a sign of foundation trouble, standing water in a basement certainly isn’t a good omen. As the foundation sinks, the water table rises, either channeling through joints in the floor and wall or traveling through cracks in the floor.
  • Windows and doors become difficult to move – Windows may stick in position. Doors may have trouble swinging open or closed and may show gaps between door and jamb. If you notice these and other typical signs, get a professional opinion.
  • Trim, moldings and fascia separate from walls – Since the walls are beginning to shift, other material may not cooperate, showing signs of separation. This can occur on interior or exterior walls.

Did you make it through all those symptoms? Great! There is only one remedy for a foundation that is settling unevenly: Reinforcing it and raising it to the proper level. Stealth Foundation’s helical pier system raises and levels a home’s foundation, stabilizing it from further movement. If your home is showing signs of a settling foundation, be sure to reach out to us for a no-commitment, free inspection. Our family-run business has served Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky over thirty years and we guarantee our work with a transferrable warranty for the life of the house.