The Inforcer Foundation System™

Bowed walls don’t have to be a fact of life. Stealth Foundation offers a patented, pre-engineered stabilization system to straighten walls by transferring pressure to the footer and foundation where it belongs. If you are seeing horizontal cracks midway up the wall or pipes pulling away from your walls, it’s time to make a change.

A Patented System

After years of experience working with homes with bulging, bowing walls, Stealth Foundation’s owners discovered a better way to remedy the problem than the tools the industry used. Extensive testing birthed the Inforcer Foundation System™, permanently restoring your home’s structural integrity by transferring pressure from your walls to the footer and foundation beneath. The materials in the Inforcer™ system are developed specifically to repair homes, unlike the generic methods used by contractors.

The Inforcer™ Stabilization Process

Leveraging pre-fabricated steel, Inforcer Foundation System™ beams sit squarely against the wall and fasten to the floor and ceiling. By running the length of the wall, the steel beams transfer stress from the wall to the footer below, ensuring soundness and stability for years to come.

Has your foundation’s structural integrity been compromised? The Inforcer Foundation System™ is a cost-effective, permanent solution and will put an end to future movement. Call Stealth Foundation today for a free, no-commitment consultation. Our family-run business has faithfully served Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for over thirty years and we back up our work with a lifetime, fully transferable warranty.