Five Causes of a Wet Basement: Where Water Enters

When you see signs of water invading your basement, it usually happens one of five ways. Most of the time, water seeps in between joints. Gaps between footer, wall and floor are a common opportunity for unwanted water to penetrate your home. Pressure from the soil beneath can cause walls to warp and crack or the floor to produce cracks as well – another way for water to invade. Different material responds to water pressure differently, so check for these five potential entry points into your home.

The Wall

Foundation walls have a reputation for “bleeding” or “sweating”, creating condensation when exposed to high volumes of water. Whether wet due to a sprinkler spraying where it shouldn’t or an obstructed roof gutter, water seems to get past concrete fairly easily. While waterproofing the basement wall is simple, creating a path for excess water to drain takes more effort.

Over the Footer

The gap between footer and wall is an easy place for water to seep through the soil and enter your basement. Water often finds a path at the cove joint – the corner where floor meets wall.

Under the Footer

When soil is saturated with water, it can create hydrostatic pressure and actually press up against the foundation or footer of your home. The water literally presses up against the footer, raising the water table and pouring in where the floor and basement wall meet.

The Floor

Cracks in the floor slab can be a great way for water to intrude on your basement. This results in higher humidity, condensation and even standing water. Water pressure may even be the culprit behind the cracks forming in your floor to begin with.

The Cove Joint

As mentioned, the joint where floor and wall meet is a common entry point for water to penetrate. It can happen a number of ways, but there is no way to avoid it other than finding a permanent waterproofing solution.

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