Signs Your Basement Has a Water Problem

Prolonged water penetration can cause a myriad of problems for homeowners. Mold and mildew, foundation damage and other issues permeate from this root cause when left untreated. Don’t be a victim of a poorly maintained basement. Get professional help if you see any of these symptoms.

Interior Symptoms

  • Water stains; residue on walls or floor
    When mineral-heavy water evaporates, it often leaves a whitish film of salt and minerals. This is known as efflorescence, a clear sign of a water problem and shows where water is, or has been, collecting.
  • Mold and mildew
    Mold and mildew love wet, warm environments to grow and if they appear in your basement it’s a sure sign you have a water problem. They also pose a health hazard and should be dealt with quickly.
  • Wet floors
    The floor could be wet for a number of reasons. If you see cracks in the concrete where water is seeping up, however, there may be complications with your foundation.
  • Dampness or musty odor
    When you go downstairs is the floor damp? This could be because of water seeping in through the wall or floor.
  • Condensation
    Condensation means that excess water vapor is in the air.
  • Bowed walls
    No. It’s not just you. The walls are literally bending from water pressure against the foundation. That’s also why the molding and trim are starting to separate from the wall in a finished basement. You might want to get that looked at.
  • Dry rot
    Your floorboards may be trying to send you a message. The continued exposure to water could be causing them to rot out from underneath you. It’s better to fix it now than be sorry later.

Exterior Symptoms

  • Clogged downspouts
    Clogged downspouts can keep water from flowing where it should – and allow it to seep into the ground where it shouldn’t, posing a problem to your basement.
  • Poor drainage
    Drainage pipes pulling water away from the foundation may become damaged or fail to function properly, allowing water to collect in pockets and seep through the basement wall or foundation footer.
  • Cracks or gaping holes
    If water continually collects next to your house, it will follow the least path of resistance; a path that may eventually lead inside the wall.
  • Negative Grade
    This issue occurs when you have soil slopping toward your house instead of away from it, inviting water to damage your basement.
  • Rodents or insects getting inside
    If you start seeing insects and rodents getting inside your home, it’s a good chance that they got in through cracks or holes in the wall – It could mean water intrusion.

Are you seeing any of these symptoms in your home? Be sure to check out our solutions page to learn more. Give us a call if you are in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky. Our family-run business has over thirty years helping clients like you reclaim their basement and make it livable again.