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Waterproofing the basement may top a homeowner’s list of most dreaded repairs. Unlike some home maintenance, waterproofing is difficult to perform correctly without an experienced professional and is very labor-intensive. Our proven process was developed over years of working with different materials and techniques in hundreds of homes in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

Signs that your basement may need interior waterproofing:

  • Water stains, residue on walls or floor
  • Mold and mildew in your basement
  • Wet basement floors
  • Water seeping through cracks in the concrete
  • Damp foundation or a musty odor
  • Condensation
  • Bowed basement walls from water pressure against the foundation
  • Dry rot under floorboards

What Causes a Damp and Musty Basement?

Foundations have a reputation for “bleeding” or “sweating”, creating condensation when exposed to high volumes of water. Whether wet due to a sprinkler spraying where it shouldn’t or an obstructed roof gutter, water seems to get past concrete fairly easily.

When soil is saturated with water, it can create hydrostatic pressure and actually press up against the foundation or footer of your home. The water literally presses up against the footer, raising the water table and pouring in where the floor and basement wall meet.

Cracks in the foundation floor slab can also be a way for water to intrude into your basement. This results in higher humidity, condensation, and even standing water. Water pressure may even be the culprit behind the cracks forming in your floor to begin with. Regardless of how the water enters your basement, the expense for this home repair is worth it. Not only does waterproofing your basement generally provide a return on your investment (ROI), it protects your family and your home's value.

How Do I Dry Out My Basement?

Most homeowners prefer an experienced professional waterproof their basement rather than tackling this project on their own. Getting your basement waterproofed is extremely important to ensure your home is safe and to protect it from undesirable water-damage. Hiring a reputable, established, professional like Stealth Foundation is worth the effort. Our interior waterproofing solution typically involves breaking up the concrete, creating a trench where we lay a perforated pipe along with gravel to create a drainage system. We also include a thin membrane on the pipe to avoid future buildup. The pipe is run to the sump pit and drainage board placed along the ditch against the wall which helps create an even flow of water. The last step is to lay down concrete, smooth level it, and let it dry!

Not only can you count on us to put an end to your damp and musty basement, you'll also have peace of mind knowing that we guarantee our work for the lifetime of the house.

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