The Dent Schoolhouse

Looking for a good scare? Look no further than one of Cincinnati's popular Halloween attractions, the Dent Schoolhouse. Named one of the scariest haunted houses, the Dent Schoolhouse does not disappoint when it comes to a good scare.

The creepy building, built in the 1890s, initially served as a primary school for over 60 years, eventually closing in the 50s. According to legend, the closing was due to discovering missing children's remains in the basement. It's said that the janitor, Charlie McFree, who apparently went into hiding, would lure the children to the basement and murder them.

After its closing, the schoolhouse sat and remained abandoned for decades until three local "haunt enthusiasts" purchased the property in 2006 and turned it into one of the nation's scariest haunted attractions. Visitors can tour the schoolhouse from October through December.

The most popular time to visit the Dent Schoolhouse is obviously in October. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to spend the evening walking the creepy halls of the schoolhouse? You may even run into good old Charlie himself!

Looking for scares after October? You're in luck. The schoolhouse reopens its doors again in December for "A Christmas Nightmare." This haunted Christmas experience includes lights, presents, Christmas trees, and monsters. Who needs Santa Claus when you can celebrate the holidays with Santa Charlie?

One of the highlights of the haunted schoolhouse is the basement. The spot is said to be where Charlie killed all of those kids. Even the most hardcore horror fans will feel uneasy navigating the dark and musty basement, imagining the horrors that supposedly occurred there.

If you're not looking for a good scare, you can still check out the Dent Schoolhouse. They offer a "lights on" tour for those not looking for a heart-pounding experience. Not only are the lights on, but there are also no monsters, making the "lights on" tour perfect for all ages.

There's also a "Behind the Scenes" tour where you can learn more about what goes into making a haunted house. These small private tours are scheduled before the opening of the haunt in October.

Whether you're into haunted houses or just looking to learn more about the history and eerie atmosphere, the Dent Schoolhouse is worth a visit. The guys behind the haunt have done an incredible job transforming the schoolhouse into one of the area's most unique attractions. Their attention to detail is outstanding.

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